Montessori Dowel Set

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This set provides multiple challenges to young children. You can start with the vertical dowels to the right and then move up to the horizontal dowel. The horizontal dowel provides the extra challenge of putting the discs on a horizontal dowel. Lastly you can move to the multi-sized discs on a dowel challenge on the bottom left. For this have your child stack them from largest to smallest. This helps them understand the concept of size. 

This tool may be introduced as early as 10 months old. Show the baby how to play but let her play without intervening, they will keep trying. They also love to spin the discs on the dowel.

These Montessori materials help children to develop
- Hand-eye coordination 
- Fine motor skills
- Whole-hand grasp
- Wrist and fingers control to rotate the discs horizontally
- Focus and concentration
- Shape and size perception

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