Sensory Cognitive Cards Pack

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These sensory cards are designed in collaboration with neuroscience researchers and teachers to work on all areas of your child’s development, at the most critical time. Each Sensory Card Pack comes with a stand, mirror and large durable cards (40 pieces) that will keep your child busy for hours at a time and can stay with them for years. It also comes with a free ebook that outlines exactly how to use each card and instructions on teaching your child sign language.

**Note that the Cognitive Cards e-book will be automatically emailed to you. If you do not see it, please check your spam or promotional folders. If this does not work, please click this link and request a password from to access it.

Benefits of the cards include:

  • In the age of distraction, having simple toys will encourage the proper development of child’s attention span.
  • Each of the 40 cards were designed with a specific purpose in mind - ranging from high contrast images designed to help with proper development of their vision, to cards designed to help children identify their own feelings for proper emotional development.
  • The guide book will help them communicate objects first in sign language, and verbally once they have developed their ability to vocalize.
  • The cards come with a stand to develop their back muscles, so that they can practice tummy time - which is a very important milestone in their early physical development.
  • The cards are made with thick material and baby safe corners so you dont have to worry about them ripping through the cards when the are teething. 
  • It also includes a baby safe mirror to help them recognize themselves without any sharp edges to get hurt with.

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