Why Is A Toolbox One of The Best Toys You Can Get?

Why Is A Toolbox One of The Best Toys You Can Get?

Tools are mechanical instruments that allow us to achieve goals that would have otherwise been impossible. From more rudimentary tools such as a hammer, to more complex ones such as computers and programming languages, it is indisputable that tools have played a major role in human development (2003, Frey). See benefits below: 

Children are born with a curiosity to learn and connect with the world around them. By using tools, rather than being consumers of a passive education, children can become crafter's of it. Research has linked use of tools directly to many key aspects of child development, such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, counting, sorting, color recognition, and most importantly - problem-solving skills. A basic toolbox is an excellent way to engage your child while allowing him or her to develop a variety of skills in several developmental categories. 

Benefits of using a toolbox include:

  1. Using tools will develop your child's fine motor skills and get them moving. Studies show that increasing screen time activities are a primary contributor to decreasing physical activity levels present among youth in USA and other parts of the world, putting children at risk of many health problems (Roberts et al., 2017). 
  2. Building things themselves will give children an understand of how components come together to make larger, more complex objects.
  3. Creating something increases a child's confidence and develops a growth mindset. 
  4. Building increases resourcefulness, initiative, originality, innovativeness, and individuality. In early ages this is done through pretend play, and as they grow, they will be able to tackle increasingly complex problem, based on the tools that are then available to them.
  5. It can also help children socially by developing patience, persistence, team play, and practical wisdom. 
  6. Develops their creativity and ability to visualize and manipulate objects in 3 dimensional space. 
  7. Wood has natural antibacterial properties and is a safe option for your children to familiarize themselves with tools that could otherwise be dangerous.
  8. Gifting a toolbox to girls help remove cultural barriers, and helps these girls overcome the perception that they are not suited for some professions. See the blog on Why You Should Gift A Girl A Toolbox for more. 

The toolboxes on our site will help your kids in a number of ways, while having fun at the same time.

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Ibrahim Hyder on

I LOVE this toy. I got one for my daughter because I wanted her to develop an interest in fixing things herself, and it seems to have worked. She’s been playing with the toolbox all month now. Hopefully it lasts :D

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