This is why you should use the Montessori Method

This is why you should use the Montessori Method

The pin-dropping silence. It’s just one way to know you’re in a montessori school. For anyone with young children, it is usually one of the most remarkable things to walk in on. In a school where the Montessori Method is faithfully applied, the sound levels can be comparable to the history aisle in a 4th floor library.

The second thing that’s immediately obvious is the orderliness. Children will clean up after themselves. Speaking is done in a hushed voice, with manners. When something goes wrong, it is calmly resolved. Oh, and then there’s the focus. Children are directed to activities with a level of concentration that adults struggle with. A well run-montessori can be a transformative experience. And it should be.


"The Montessori Method is not only superior to all alternatives, but categorically so."


The core principle behind the Montessori method is for children to learn by using their hands as opposed direct instruction. Each activity is a building block for the next step. When children trace a geometric shape with their fingers, they’re learning fine-motor skills that they’ll eventually use to write, which they’ll learn at a much faster rate than normal.

The natural drive, the human spirit, is what the montessori method aims to cultivate. You know when you’re working on something and you forget about the time? This is called a Flow state, and has been intensely researched as being the sweet spot between something challenging, and the edge of your ability. Although state of Flow is a relatively new idea, the Montessori method has been teaching this to children for over a century.

The idea is to do the right activity at the right time. A child learns to walk, and does so with extreme effort, when their mind and body is ready for it. The Montessori classroom enables the child to pursue activities that are right at the pleasurable edge of their comfort zone, cultivating focus and energy. It’s not only that they’ll learn faster, its that they’ll learn to enjoy learning.

Our team of neuroscientists and post-montessori teachers at BabyChild have developed home montessori kits that will enable a young child to benefit from the Montessori method, right in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to enroll them in a $2,000 / month class. We’re here to bridge that gap, and enable parents to take part in the beautiful process. Our bundles are the way to go. We charge less for bundles overall because we save money on shipping them together - and you get 100% of these savings. But feel free to check out the individual products if you want to be more selective too! 

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Regardless of how you want to participate in the Montessori method, whether it’s trying it at home first, or enrolling your child in a montessori school, or making your own toys, we’re here for you. It’s our job as parents and teachers to ensure our children are learning the right way and we’re dedicated to make sure that happens.

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