10 Ways To Increase Creativity in Kids

10 Ways To Increase Creativity in Kids

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Why is creative play so important?

  • Helps toddlers develop emotionally, physically, mentally and socially.
  • Can help children express and cope with their feelings non-verbally. They may communicate these feelings through visual arts, movements, singing or dancing.
  • Fosters cognitive growth by providing opportunities to think outside the box. This can help develop a growth mindset & problem solving skills.

What are some of the ways we can encourage creative play at home?

The possibilities are endless, but it is important to provide children lots of time to explore materials and pursue their ideas. Start by providing activities that are based on your child's interests and be sure to offer children a wide range of creative materials & experiences.

  1. Encourage time spent outdoors. The Waldorf school of thought really emphasizes outdoor play for creative development. Our outdoor zoologist kits are ideal for this.

  2. Limit screen time, by providing children with activities that they can interact with. Our Secret Clubhouse Tents and 3 in 1 lego tables are great ways for your children to develop their imagination indoors without a technology.

  3. Invent a scenario of role play (cooking dress up, pretend play toys). We have several toys that encourage pretend play. See link. 

  4. Verbal activities, that includes phonics, word games via spelling cubes, and write & wipe cards.

  5. Reading to them or sharing reading time together. See our blog on how to read to your kids at every age group to determine which books are best!

  6. Using story telling cubes and encourage your children to create their own stories. This builds confidence and develops their verbal communication skills on top of doing wonders for their imagination. You can also do this with storybook torches.
  7. Encourage creativity through movement (charades & Interactive guess games, dance, yoga).
  8. Have them build things (we have MANY building blocks).
  9. Allow them to interact with their rooms. Using blackboard wall stickers allows children to make their room their canvas. You can also provide children with sensory stepping stones and have them use it to create their own imaginary world in their room. 
  10. Encourage musical creativity. Several studies have shown that developing an interest in music from a young age, especially by playing instruments, has lifelong benefits in their creative and cognitive development. In addition, it has been shown to improve cognitive and motor skills, spatial-temporal learning and increase neurogenesis.

As caregivers, we must be careful to avoid dominating the play ourselves. Our goal is to stimulate play and not control it . So, the next time you’re on the lookout for a new toy for a young one, make it something that sparks their imagination.

At Baby child we have curated a fine line of products that are great for enhancing a child’s creativity. Below are some of the sets that our Educators at BabyChild have recommended for you.


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